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Pixfra Arc Series

Compact, Lightweight and Cost-Effective

The Arc series of thermal imaging monoculars and spotters by Pixfra area powerful yet compact and lightweight set of devices capable of detecting the smallest temperature differences at long distances - making for a perfect companion for those interested in fieldsports and wildlife observation.

Pixfra Arc Outstanding Thermal Optics

Outstanding Thermal Optics

The Arc series consists of six high-performance thermal imaging monoculars: the A419, A425, A435, A613, A625, and A635.

Each device features one of two highly sensitive thermal sensors and one of three powerful objective lenses, offering excellent detection capabilities and presenting a crystal-clear thermal image onto a 1440x1080 display.

Pixfra Arc Hours of Runtime

Hours & Hours of Operation

Each Arc model features two replaceable, rechargeable batteries offering an operation time of up to 15 hours (depending on model) — meaning you can keep your observations going well into the night without worrying about recharging.

Pixfra Arc Resilient Design & Comfortable Operation

Comfortable Operation

The Arc has been designed first and foremost for comfort and resilience, with an ergonomically designed bodyshell and convenient button arrangement ensuring easy operation and comfortable observations over long periods. Weighing less than 350g, the Arc remains incredibly lightweight, reducing the likelihood of fatigue when in-hand and fitting comfortably in a pack or pocket when not in use. 

Pixfra Arc Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

The Arc series is perfect for group observations thanks to its ability to connect to four smart devices via the free Pixfra app. Through this intuitive app, the Arc can share its screen with up to four people located within 20m of the device — so, when one person spots an object or animal of interest, all four members of the group can observe at the same time, without having to share the device’s viewfinder. 

Compare Models

See below comparison chart to compare Pixfra Arc models.

Pixfra Arc Thermal Imaging Comparison Chart

Arc Series

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