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  • Night Master Logo

    Night Master develops market leading long range lamps and infrared (IR) illuminators - designed and developed in the UK.

  • Pulsar Logo

    Pulsar is a European based, industry-leading manufacturer of digital night vision, thermal imaging and multispectral devices.

  • Pixfra Logo

    Pixfra handheld thermal imaging monoculars are quality, affordable products with great specifications for wildlife observation.

  • GSCI Advanced Photonics Logo

    Canada based General Starlight Co. (GSCI) manufacture some of the world's most advanced night vision avilable today.

  • Adventure Lights Logo

    Adventure Lights have produced several state-of-the-art compact signal light products that are currently in service around the world.

  • Britannia Rails Logo

    Britannia Rails picatinny rails are made to convert your standard rail to allow you to fit night vision and thermal scopes.

  • Despite Immersive Optics being a new brand, the team behind it has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of sights.

  • Innomount Logo

    Innomount has collaborated with Pulsar to develop a selection of mounts that can be used in conjunction with various devices.

  • Jerven Bags Logo

    Jerven is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay warm and dry while enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Liemke by Blaser Logo

    Liemke by Blaser hand produce premium quality thermal imaging devices in Germany.

  • Nanuk Logo

    Nanuk cases are used to transport equipment such as optics, thermal imaging, night vision and more.

  • SiOnyx Logo

    SiOnyx are a well-respected manufacturer of low light digital sensors for the military divisions.

  • Spypoint Logo

    Spypoint wireless trail cameras allow users to observe more wildlife in their observed location.

  • Vortex Optics Logo

    Vortex Optics are known for producing some of the highest quality, robust scopes and accessories.

  • Vosker Logo

    Vosker designs and manufactures the world first mobile security cameras, their cameras require no Wi-Fi.

Night Master are leading suppliers of long range lamps and infrared illuminators, we also sell products by brands such as Pixfra, Pulsar and General Starlight Co.