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About Night Master

Here at Night Master we are known for being the market leader in Hunting Lights & IR Illuminators all around the UK & Ireland.

Tom Sykes holding our Night Master Trident

How it all started

Night Master started life in 2010, and like many other products and brands, it all started with an idea. The initial idea was to have a different type of hunting light, one that would be:

  • Small yet powerful
  • Able to change the colour of the beam
  • Adaptable beam
  • A ‘torch for life’, with easily replaceable parts, that won't be out-moded

This is when the Night Master 800 v1 was born, which revolutionised lamping for many night hunters. With the NM800, there was no need for big lamps, separate battery packs and coloured filters. The NM800, with its internal battery and changeable LEDs, would fit neatly into a jacket pocket. But despite its small, lightweight construction, it could pick out eyes up to 800m and allow identification up to 500m. It was the original... small torch, epic beam!

The NM800 v1 quickly became a hit with shooters and within weeks we were inundated with phone calls from shop owners who wanted to stock Night Master. At first, we refused to distribute the product because our intention was to sell direct to end users. However, we started to receive calls on a daily basis and so decided to do business with shops.


Since the v1 model, we made some design changes based on customer feedback and our experiences with using the torch, and then created the v2 model.  With the new v2 model, the torch was easier to focus; it was quicker and easier to change LEDs; and different size heads/ lenses could be used.

More recently we have been working on the v3, which is the latest model that incorporates a rotary dimmer switch and dimmable LED, allowing the user to quickly adjust the brightness of the torch, eradicating any issues with white-out (it’s especially effective with the IR LED and a night vision device). As well as the new NM800 IC (Intensity Control), we also created the NM400, Venom Strike and XSearcher – all also available as infrared models for use with night vision.

Further Developments

Night Master Product Range

In 2020 we released our NM1 & Trident range of hunting lamps which are even more powerful, versatile and affordable meaning anyone can get their hands on the best scope mountable lamps on the market.

The NM1 range has been specifically designed for night hunting, with controls that are close-at-hand. Beam focus, brightness control and all other functions are operated from the tail-switch. So if the lamp is scope mounted there's no need to reach forward to twist the lens.

The Trident boasts many useful features; not only 3 switchable LEDs, a dynamic rotary dimmer switch and easily focusable head, it also has a quiet switch, low-battery indicator, beam lock-out function (to prevent accidental activation), and an ‘Active Light Indicator’ on the tail-cap to indicate when the beam is on – perfect for use with the infrared (IR) LED, as a reminder to switch off when not in use.

Aditionally to our latest hunting lamps we released our NEW QMD Multi Directional Hunting Light Rail Mount, a new style of light mounting with a very simplistic yet effective design.

Here at Night Master we have spent hours upon hours of time on research and development to give you, the shooter the best advantage possible for successful lamping trips.

The full Night Master range of Hunting Lights & IR Illuminators are designed and developed in the UK for hunters, by hunters.

We supply to shops all around the UK & Ireland. If you are looking to find your local dealer take a look at our online dealer map, if you are looking to become a dealer please contact us.