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About Night Master

The Night Master team has a unique understanding of technology in fieldsports and wildlife observation that cannot be replicated by others. As an indepent family-owned business, based in North Yorkshire, Angie, Tony and Tom have combined decades of technical expertise in lamps, infrared (IR) illuminators, night vision and thermal imaging - with this experience we take the time to handpick all products listed on our website bringing you only the highest quality products available today.

How it all started

Night Master started life in 2010, and like many other products and brands, it all started with an idea. The initial idea was to have a different type of long range lamp, one that would be:

  • Small yet powerful
  • Modular, with easily replaceable parts
  • Able to change the colour of the beam
  • Adaptable beam

This is when the Night Master 800 V1 was born, this light revolutionised lamping and took the fieldsports world by storm - it was the original... small torch epic beam! With the NM800, there was no need for big lamps, separate battery packs and coloured filters. Upon release the NM800 spread like wildfire and within weeks we were inundated with phone calls from shop owners who wanted to stock Night Master.


Since the launch of the V1 model we made some design changes based on customer feedback and our experiences of using the torch in the field, we then created the V2 model. The V2 model was easier to focus; it was quicker and easier to change LEDs and the modularity allowed for releasing different lens sizes, which introduced two new models being the NM400 and XSearcher.

After this we adapted the V2 model and started working on the V3, this included a rotary dimmer switch and dimmable LED, allowingthe user to quickly adjust the brightess of the torch or infrared (IR) illuminator to eliminate white-out in night vision.

Further Developments

In 2020 we then released our NM1 and Trident range of long range lamps and infrared (IR) illuminators which are even more powerful, versatile and affordable meaning anyone can get their hands on the best lights on the market. Additionally we released our compact and lightweight QMD Quick Multi Directional Rail Mount.

Our range of Night Master Long Range Lamps & Infrared Illuminators


Beam focus, brightness control and all other functions are operated from the tail-switch allowing for easy nighttime operation. The modular design of the Night Master NM1 means you can easily swap your LED module from one colour to another within a matter of seconds and with no tools required.


The intelligent TRI-LED mechanism allows you to swap between the pre-installed LED modules from a turn of the knurled dial, without adjusting the focus or beam position. With a large range of focus you can adjust the beam profile from a tight pencil light long-distance beam to a wide-flood for up-close illumination from a simple twist of the head.


The QMD allows the user to quickly and easily fine-tune the beam positioning of mounted lights, the rapid-detach mounting system has gained significant popularity due to its compatibility with the Night Master NM1 and Trident long range lamps and infrared (IR) illuminators.

The full range of Night Master products are designed and developed in the UK, by the Night Master team.

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

Night Master first started stocking Pulsar and Yukon night vision devices supplied by Thomas Jacks Ltd in 2014, you may remember the old style Digisight N355, how times have changed!

Since then we have quickly become known as a leading supplier of high-performance night vision and thermal imaging devices by brands such GSCI, Pixfra and Pulsar commonly used for fieldsports, bat surveying, bird watching, ecology and wildlife observation activites.

We recently obtained the title of being an approved 'Master Distributor' of General Starlight Co. Advanced Photonics - GSCI manufacture some of the worlds most advanced image intensified night vision and thermal imaging devices available to buy as an end user legally, without any complications. As an approved importer we handle all import documents, duty and VAT for imports into the UK.