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Pixfra Arc - Compact Thermal for Bat Surveying & Ecology

Pixfra Arc - Compact Thermal for Bat Surveying & Bird Watching

In the world of wildlife observation, enthusiasts and researchers alike are constantly seeking advanced tools to explore the hidden wonders of the animal kingdom. The Pixfra Arc Series of thermal imaging monoculars have emerged as a groundbreaking device, especially for those interested in Bat Surveying, Ecology and Wildlife Observation.

Unlike traditional night vision devices, thermal imaging relies on the detection of infrared radiation emitted by objects, creating a heat-based image rather than amplifying existing light. This technology is particularly advantageous for observing wildlife in all light conditions, making it a perfect fit for activities like Bat Surveying and Bird Watching.

The Pixfra Arc Series consists of six high-performance thermal imaging monoculars available in a variation of lens sizes and thermal sensor resolutions. We understand that for wildlife observation there are three key features required; image quality, video recording and wide field of view. If this sounds familiar, then look no further than the Pixfra Arc A613.

Pixfra Arc A613 <30 mK Thermal Imaging Monocular for Bird Watching & Bat Surveying

Why choose the A613? The Pixfra Arc A613 offers excellent observation performance. Not only does this unit feature the highest quality 640x512 12µm <30mK NETD thermal sensor available today, thanks to being paired with a high-quality 13mm objective lens you can also expect a large 32.3º field of view.

It doesn't stop there... the A613 has a maximum detection range of 670m alongside an extended runtime of 6.5 hours from a single rechargeable battery (two batteries are supplied).

When it comes to capturing footage all models in the Pixfra Arc Series are equipped with 32GB of built-in storage allowing you to store hours and hours of video content, and don't worry - all models offer continuous video recording up to 2-hours per clip.

The Pixfra Arc Series is perfect for group observations thanks to its ability to connect to four smart devices via the free Pixfra app. Through this intuitive app, the Arc can share its screen with up to four people located within 20m of the device - so, when one person spots an object or animal of interest, all four members of the group can observe at the same time, without having to share the device’s viewfinder.

In conclusion, priced at just £1369.95 the Pixfra Arc A613 thermal imaging monocular is a game-changer for those passionate about exploring the mysteries of wildlife day or night. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the Pixfra Arc A613 stands as a testament to the ever-evolving intersection of technology for nature exploration.

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