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Pixfra Mile 2 - Slimline, Compact Thermal Imaging Monoculars

Pixfra Mile 2 - Slimline, Compact Thermal Imaging Monoculars

The new Mile 2 Series of thermal imaging monoculars and spotters by Pixfra feature a completely new compact, slimline design which seamlessly incorporates the power button into the Pixfra logo on the side of the device - making for a perfect companion for those interested in fieldsports and wildlife observation.

Pixfra Mile 2 thermal imaging monoculars are available in a wide range of lens sizes, sensor resolutions and NETD sensitivity options for fieldsports, bat surveying, bird watching, ecology and wildlife observation activities.

Pixfra Mile 2 - Still Thermal Imaging Images of Deer in Wildlife Park

Compact & Slimline Design

The Pixfra Mile 2 features a completely new, slimline design which seamlessly incorporates the power button into the Pixfra logo on the side of the device - reducing the number of buttons along the top of the monocular and offering simplified operation of digital functions.

Top view image of Pixfra Mile 2 M625 Compact Thermal Imaging Monocular

The Pixfra Mile 2 remains extremely compact and much more lightweight than previous iterations, allowing for comfortable observation over long periods and easy transportation when not in use, fitting nicely into a pack or pocket.

Plus, with a range of convenient accessories, including a soft pouch, neck strap, and wrist strap, the Pixfra Mile 2 will remain comfortable to use and carry.

Reliable in Any Weather

The Pixfra Mile 2 will ensure a powerful performance in any weather condition thanks to its IP67 rating, protecting the device against dust and water ingress. This certification also ensures the device remains unaffected in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and fog.

Long-Life Battery for Hours of Observation

The Pixfra Mile 2 features a rechargeable long-life battery, providing up to 9.5 hours of effective power on a single charge (depending on model and temperature) - keeping observations going through the day and well into the night.

Seamless Connectivity

With a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection, the Pixfra Mile 2 will achieve seamless connectivity to a smartphone or tablet via the free Pixfra app for Android and iOS devices.

This opens up greater observation capabilities, including group bat surverys or wildlife observations via live view on a connected mobile phone or tablet, with a range of up to 40m and the ability to connect to up to four different smart devices at once for simultaneous viewing.

Affordable & Backed Up

Most importantly the Pixfra Mile 2 is affordable and backed up by a 3 year warranty - with prices starting from as little as £399.95 for the 256×192, 12μm, <35mK NETD Pixfra Mile 2 M207 up to a maximum of £1259.95 for the 640×512, 12μm, <25mK NETD Pixfra Mile 2 M625 high quality thermal imaging just got even more affordable.

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