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Protect your assets with the VOSKER V300 LTE Solar

VOSKER V300 LTE Solar Trail Camera mounted to tree

When it comes to security cameras, people tend to look to the wifi video doorbells, a low cost security camera kit or a full wired integrated system. But what if you want to place a camera outdoors, where wifi doesn’t reach, or don’t want to rely on mains power? What if you want to quickly place a covert camera somewhere high up and access a live video feed from anywhere in the world? Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your farm assets, holiday home, caravan, workplace, building site, etc. If so, we have something to show you…

The requests we’ve received have all been for a covert wireless camera, which connects to the mobile network (not wifi); can be left in position for months at a time without constant recharging; independently sends photo and video alerts; and can be accessed via a phone or computer to view live video. The Vosker V300 LTE Solar does all of this and more. 

At £459.95, the Vosker V300 LTE Solar is very much a premium product, which has been well-designed to be compact, effective and easy-to-use. Setup took just a few minutes and was very intuitive. The sim card was pre-installed and all we had to do to prepare the camera unit was to fully charge the battery, insert the supplied SD card and download the Vosker app. Once signed-up, the app is very easy to use, with the ability to adjust the camera’s setting such as the activation schedule for each day of the week and trigger speed. All videos and photos are uploaded to the app and you can even check the signal strength, battery life, available SD card space, temperature and device location – a GPS chip in the unit means you can track it if mislaid or stolen.

The V300 comes with an adjustable mount, which can be attached to a tree, wooden structure or masonry (i.e. the side of a building). The integrated solar panel continuously charges the battery to keep it going for longer (months rather than weeks, depending on exposure to sunlight and usage), but eventually it may need to be fully charged again. It’s a great feature if you want to install the camera and leave it to do its work without worrying about recharging the battery.

The intelligent Ai software detects humans and vehicles, so if the V300 has been triggered quite a few times and generated lots of videos, you can filter the videos to view either those with human activity, or those with vehicle activity. The V300 requires you to sign-up to a data plan, so bear in mind there will be a small additional cost each month. All in all, the Vosker V300 is an exceptional bit of kit for people wanting to quickly install a security measure, which will capture criminal activity and allow the user to get a live view of their property 24 hours a day. It’s a small price to pay for ultimate peace of mind.

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