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Mike Powell, The NM1 - built to go all night long!

Mike Powell, The NM1 - built to go all night long! - Night Master

Shooting legend Mike Powell reviews the new NM1 range, grab yourself a coffee because this in depth review of the NM1 by Mike is definitely ONE to read.

IF there’s one thing there is no shortage of in the shooting marketplace it’s torches. All look rather similar and all work to a degree, but over the years I learned that, like most things, some work better than others.

Even by Night Master’s high standards this is an extremely well-made torch

NM1 Scope mounted to riflescope

Now, a look at the NM1 itself. I have to say that even by Night Master’s high standards this is an extremely well-made torch. The workmanship and attention to detail is excellent. The LED modules are well put together and give the feeling they will last and last. On that front, I asked the guys at Night Master what the expected life of one of their LED modules is and was a bit taken aback to hear the figure of 50,000 hours.

I have used the NM1 both in conjunction with my Longbow, PARD, Archer and F455 and all operate faultlessly with it. The dim control removed the aforementioned problem of ‘white out’, particularly when used with the F455.

NM1 IR Illuminator fitted to Mike Powell's archer set-up

I also had brief run outs with the white and red LEDs and found they worked perfectly. For anyone who goes night shooting, to have a torch that is ultra-reliable and can be converted very quickly, and easily from IR to conventional lighting, the NM1 is ideal.

I have only used the torch for a couple of weeks but already it has a regular place in my night shooting kit.


Mike Powell reviews the Night Master NM1 Hunting Lights


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