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GSCI Advanced Photonics - Night Vision. Thermal Imaging. Fusion.

GSCI Advanced Photonics - Night Vision. Thermal Imaging. Fusion. Image of PVS-14C.


Canada based General Starlight Company Inc. are the leading manufaturer of electro-optical equipment, establishing themselves at the forefront of the evolving Night Vision and Thermal Imaging industry since 1992. GSCI manufacture modern, technologically-advanced Optical-Electronic Systems and Proprietary Solutions to the most scrupulous and demandng professional end users.


Night Master (Night Spark Ltd) is an approved 'Master Distributor' of GSCI night vision, thermal imaging and fusion systems based in the United Kingdom. If you are a UK customer the buying process is easy, we handle all import documents, duty and VAT.

Night Master is an approved 'Master Distributor' of GSCI systems

Each device manufactured by GSCI is made to exacting standards, which is why they are chosen by end-users, law enforcement and military divisions worldwide. Being a 'Master Distributor' we have dealt with some very exciting projects from supplying large quantities of NVGs for military training operations to smaller requirements including coast guard and helicopter search & rescue teams.

These projects have included supplying image intensified and fusion systems such as the PVS-14C, PVS-31C-MOD and Quadro-B100 to professional divisions all around the United Kingdom.

GSCI equipment is also widely used for hunting applications, giving the user excellent clarity, quality and continued confidence with a 7-year limited warranty. As all GSCI products are made in Canada, there are no ITAR restrictions meaning you can own one of these incredible devices legally, whether you're a professional user or not.

General Starlight Company Inc.'s approach to product quality is unequivocally more imporant when the end users that depend on their systems are law enforcement and military professionals. They emphasize quality and reliability – their equipment needs to support them for any operation, in any setting, because there is no room for error.

This is why all GSCI devices are manufactured to reflect that philosophy; GSCI offer an unmatched 7-year limited warranty, industry leading specifications with no limitations for thermal cores and intensifier tubes, made in Canada to ensure their meet high assembly and testing standards, all ITAR-free.

GSCI have always focused all of their attention to completely covering their niche within the industry, this is why GSCI is the only name you need to know when it comes to night vision and thermal imaging systems.

Worldwide governments are increasingly reliant on thermal imaging technology as the backbone to national defense and security; this is where GSCI systems differentiate themselves from the competition with unparalleled quality and technical capability.

GSCI Advanced Photonics Badges


We offer a large range of GSCI products on our website, however if you have specific requirements we can work with you to ensure we meet your needs. Many GSCI systems are customisable; this can be from adding a 9-Axis HUD all the way to supplying the unit with a built-in DVR or larger lens configuration.

All GSCI systems are custom-made to order, current lead times are generally 2 to 3 weeks from receiving payment for your order until your device is ready to be dispatched by GSCI (based on 1 unit, larger quantities may increase lead time).

If you have any questions regarding GSCI Advanced Photonics systems, or are looking to place an order for a GSCI device please feel free to contact us. Call on 01535 610066 or email to speak to one of our knowledgeable team.

To view the full range of GSCI Advanced Photonics Night Vision, Thermal Imaging and Fusion systems, click here.

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