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Bruce Potts, Best on Test - Night Master NM1 Hunting Lights

Bruce Potts, Best on Test - Night Master NM1 Hunting Lights - Night Master

We sent the new NM1 range to Bruce Potts, known for his fantastic in depth reviews found in Gunmart & Shooting Sports magazines we couldn't wait to see what he thought... and it's fair to say, we're just as impressed as he is...

In the field

Night Master supplied all three heads, CL, SL and XL.


Night Master NM1 range of products


I fitted the CL to the NM1 and attached it to a Sako Finnfire .22 LR and several airguns for a spot of ratting. I was impressed at the clean edge, light intensity and purity of the beam. It allowed a good spread of light without overpowering the target in white light. When fitted with the amber LED, it is a real treat, a great all-round airgun and .22 rimfire vermin tool.

The SL gives a more powerful and narrower beam and therefore more range. Again, very good intensity for a clear image with all of the LED colours. A good choice for your foxing rifle at normal ranges.

Best of all was the XL, at the maximum range, it was good at detecting eye shine and indicating something is out there. Simply switch it off, stalk a bit closer and then take the shot. Yes, it is bigger and  a bit heavier, but you can turn the beam strength down to match the other models, but the beam is narrower overall.

I used the red, amber and green LED's and actually found the green quite interesting when calling foxes in that bit closer as they seemed a bit more curious than alarmed. Overall performance was very impressive.


I have to say I was mightily impressed with the performance from all the differing LED modules and front lens attachments. There is something there for any type of quarry or calibre used for after-hours pest control.

The NM1 is durable, reliable and well made with simple but practical controls. It has a good battery life with a spare supplied as standard. You can buy optional accessories that include, easy-swap LED modules, universal pistol grip, high scope mount, and a fully adjustable rail mount or scope mount set.

The units are competitively priced, starting at £119.95 for the smaller CL model and extra LED colour modules are only £29.95. Overall a total bargain and a must-have piece of kit in my view.


Bruce Potts tests the Night Master NM1 Hunting Lights


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