Which Night Master Torch?

With a wide range of torches for different types of shooting, when it comes to lamping, Night Master has it covered, but which torch is best for you? Here’s some information to help you.

Need a spotting lamp?

If it’s a handheld spotting lamp you need, them the Night Master Xsearcher-IC or the Eclipse 1000 is the way to go. Both provide long-range illumination; eye-shine up to 1000m and identification up to 500m. The white beam on the Eclipse 1000 is actually 4x bigger than that on the XSearcher. This means you can see more and further as the white LED on the Eclipse is more powerful – making it an ideal spotting lamp.

Need a scope-mountable light?

If it’s a shooting lamp you need, it’s always best to consider what you are shooting with – is it an airgun, rimfire or centrefire rifle?


For airgun (and .22 rimfire shooters) Night Master designed the Venom Strike, which is still one of the most adaptable hunting lights available. It’s unique design includes changeable LED, rotary dimmer switch for controlling the light output and a focusable head that provides a long narrow beam or wide floodlight (and much more in between). You can use either one 18650 battery or two (with the optional extension tube, which produces a more powerful beam).

The Venom Strike lamp is available as white, red, green or infrared (both 850nm and 940nm are available). LEDs are available separately. 


If you shoot rimfire, we would recommend either the Venom Strike, Night Master 800-IC or Eclipse 800. If it’s power you need, so you can see beyond 200m, go for either the NM800-IC or Eclipse 800. The NM800-IC, which has the ‘Intensity Control’ dimmer switch allows you so spot quarry further away and quickly lower the intensity of the beam for closer range shooting.

The Eclipse 800 is different to the NM800-IC because it has some unique features, such as USB charging (can be charged in a vehicle), 4 brightness settings, fast mode memory, low battery indicator and more.


For long-range spotting and shooting at night, you’ll need a powerful and reliable lamp. We recommend either the Night Master XSearcher-IC or the Eclipse 1000. With the white LED the ‘1000 has the edge over the XSearcher, producing a wider beam (4x that of the XSearcher) that travels further. It is also rechargeable via USB and includes the Active Light Indicator – a multi-purpose 

Either lamp can be used for handheld spotting or mounting onto a rifle - with the use of Night Master’s adjustable rail mount, which provides fine adjustment for windage and elevation – making it easy

Which colour?

The most popular colours are white and red. Green is very much dependent on personal preference; if you use a green lamp (or a lamp with a green filter) then you may be better with a green Night Master LED. We’ve found it very good when shooting over stubble. Since the LEDs are interchangeable, you can insert whichever colour you choose.

The white LED is the most popular across all models as it produces the longest beam. However, white LED in the Eclipse series is very different from that used in the Night Master IC and Venom Strike models, as it produces a wider and more powerful beam.

For those shooters who have used white lights and want to move onto something else, people tend to buy the red LED. This gives a less intense beam but will clearly illuminate the eyes of your quarry. It’s very good for all types of shooting and illuminates quarry very well over grass and ploughed field. 

How about infrared (IR) for Night Vision?

Luckily, all Night Master models can take an infrared LED, so you can upgrade your lamp to a powerful infrared illuminator instead of buying a new IR light. The Eclipse range offers something called an ‘Advanced Light Indicator’. This is a piece of technology that is built into the tail-cap. A small, discreet light can indicate whenever your infrared beam is switched on (we all forget to switch it off when nor being used!).

If you have any questions about any of the Night Master lamps, give us a call on 01535 611688 or 01535 610066 and speak to a knowledgeable member of the team.