Trident on Tour...

We sent a Night Master Trident to Professional Guide, Normal Mulvany from Irish Safari's to be put through it's paces.

Its fair to say, Norman has done a cracking job with testing the Trident by taking it on his recent African Safari trip.

As you can see from the images, Norman has had great success with the Night Master trident in shooting some of these amazing animals up to 380 meters away.

In his own words;

"Guys, well done on a brilliant light, I'm currently in Africa on safari and got a chance to use the trident for some vermin control. I managed to shoot 3 porcupine, 2 jackals and many spring hares at distance up to 380 metres using mostly the white light. The ability to use the Amber and Red filter without having to take out lens is fantastic as is the dimmer switch ability as I found out on a particularly skittish jackal.

Well done Nightmaster from Norman Mulvany Irish Safaris."

A big thank you to Norman from the Night Master team for trusting to use our products on such a once in a lifetime opportunity of a trip, we look forward to working with you in the future.

For more details on the Night Master Trident, or to pre-order please visit; Night Master Trident