Tom Sykes, Night Master Trident Tried & Tested

Tom Sykes from Sykes Media known for his fantastic hunting experience and incredible photography skills takes a look at the Night Master Trident Tri-LED Hunting Light.

Lamping was once a necessity in my career but has now progressed to an enjoyable pasttime. Back in the day, we used big lamps and needeed to work as a slick team between the lamper and shooter to ensure the target was illuminated and shot seamlessly. Over the years there have been great advancements in night vision and thermal technology but there is something still pleasureable about using a lamp.

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the Night Master Trident. This lamp has a lot of features built into a small frame. The Trident received its name due to the Tri-LED bulbs built into the body...

"The team at Night Master has produced a fantastic and well thought-out product"

Tom Sykes review the Night Master Trident Tri-LED Hunting Light


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