Supporting British Farming during COVID-19

To support British farming, Night Master is reducing the prices of selected essential thermal imaging, night vision and other night hunting equipment plus offering 0% finance for 12 months to help farmers and pest controllers protect our British produce. It’s now more important than ever to support British farming, especially since some other countries have spoken about stopping food exports.

Using the latest night hunting technology will help farmers protect their livestock against any unwanted visitors, with a thermal imaging monocular if there is a heat source to be seen, you will see it! Backed up with a night vision riflescope you will get a clear detailed image and be able to covertly deal with the problem fox that has been taking your chickens, lambs or any other livestock.

Using Thermal Imaging to protect wildlife and livestock

Trail camera's are also another great idea, you can plant these around your farm hidden in the trees or secured to a fence post to capture both images and videos of wildlife or any human interaction that may be trespassing on your land (day or night). Thanks to LTE photo transmission technology on selected models you can link your trail camera to a mobile device to alert you with an image straight away if one of your cameras has been triggered. 

We've taken the time to put together a collection of products that we believe could be essential tools for famers, you can visit that here.

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With the government advising people repeatedly to ‘stay at home’, some pest controllers feel it would be wrong to venture out to help famers. From the information that BASC has recently provided, it seems that is ok as long as there is a real need for pest control services, such as livestock being in danger. But don’t take our word for it, read below what BASC has said:

“After consulting the government, BASC has updated its advice for conducting essential pest control in the UK while the current Coronavirus restrictions remain in place.

In line with the Prime Minister’s statement, when making a decision on whether or not to conduct essential wildlife management, you should consider: 

  • Is the landowner, or person responsible for giving permission, happy for you to be on the land in the current crisis?
  • Can you maintain effective social distancing?
  • Is the management involved absolutely essential?
  • Is there a risk that your activities could result in the emergency services being called out? For example, someone reporting shots being fired.
  • Should you inform the local police in advance that you are going out? If you do, secure the reference number for the call. 

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so individual decisions will have to be made, although the onus will be on remaining off the land. So-called ‘recreational shooting’ or taking clients shooting are ruled out at present. 

Be aware that you should be able to justify your decision if you are challenged by the enforcement authorities, or you may risk a fine and may put your certificate at risk.

BASC has published a number of FAQs around Coronavirus and shooting. These are on the dedicated Coronavirus page on our website.”

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