Andrew Johnson talks PVS-14C, Gear in the Rear

The world of night vision devices moves on at an impressive pace. There are now traditional tubed and more modern digital and thermal devices to suit most budgets. As a professional user and similar users I am in touch with are of the same opinion, I can not help but wonder if many of the manufacturers have lost sight of what is really wanted.

Those of us who make our living protecting wildlife, game-birds and various crop types, do not, on the whole, really care if there are 25 different reticules to choose from, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, still or filming capabilities, GPS enabled markers etc. What we want and need is something that is simple to use, offers a high quality of image and if it is a stand-alone scope rather than an add on easy to zero. The military have a saying; ‘keep it simple stupid’, which is no doubt why they use tubed devices, as do nearly every pest controller and gamekeeper I know.

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