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Pulsar Trail XQ50 vs XP38


Pulsar Trail XQ50 in comparison with Pulsar Trail XP38

During April this year night vision manufacturer, Pulsar launched an array of new thermal imaging equipment including HELION thermal handheld spotters and TRAIL thermal rifle scopes. We have tested all of the equipment and have been surprised with the results. One question that did arise was, “As the TRAIL XP38 is over £750 more expensive than the TRAIL XQ50, how much better is it?”. 

The XQ50 has a bigger germanium-coated lens compared with the XP38, giving it more standard magnification (2.7x vs 1.2x), good clarity and a longer detection range (1800m vs 1350m). The XP38 has a smaller lens but better microbolometer resolution, which is supposed to create a cleaner and crisper image. 

Pulsar Trail XQ50 Thermal Riflescope on Rifle

However when we initially compared the two units, we really couldn’t see much difference in the clarity – perhaps you can with the images below? We had to use 2x digital zoom on the XP38 to make it comparable with the standard 2.7x on the cheaper XQ50.

Do you think the TRAIL XP38 is worth £750 more than the XQ50?

Read more about the TRAIL XQ50 (£2,950) and TRAIL XP38 (£3,750) thermal riflescopes.

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  • Tom Lister