Night Master Trident, NEW LED Combinations NOW IN STOCK!

The Trident is one of our best-selling hunting lights and has proven popular with pest controllers and gamekeepers due to the Tri-LED design, allowing you to swap between three colours simply by turning a dial. Before there were just two colour combinations; White-Amber-Red and IR (850nm)-Amber-Red. But we now have new colour combos available... and they're proving very popular.

Night Master Trident Tri-LED Long Range Dimmable Hunting Light

New for 2020, we have added two new LED combinations to the Trident range by popular demand – White-Red-IR (850nm) - for those who love lamping with white or red but also have their own night vision device; plus White-IR (850nm)-IR (940nm) - for those who want to swap between the super powerful IR (850nm) and more covert IR (940nm), making it great to use for both long and short range shooting, and where quarry is likely to be spooked.

LED Combinations, now available;

Amber, Red & White

The Night Master Amber / Red & White combination features a very powerful White LED, alongside our new Amber LED which will take your shooting back to the old-school methods and our brightest yet Red LED - these three LEDs combined together in one light will really give you the full advantage you need while you're out lamping.

Amber, Red & IR (850NM)

The Night Master Trident Amber, Red & IR (850NM) combination features our clearest yet IR (850NM) LED, paired up with your Night Vision device you can expect very clear identification up to 350m, as well as our new Amber LED and our brightest yet Red LED - this set-up is really going to keep you hidden in the shadows as covertly as possible.

White, Red & IR (850NM)

NEW for 2020, requested by popular demand.

The Night Master Trident White, Red & IR (850NM) combination features a very powerful White LED, alongside our hugely popular Red LED and ultra-clear IR (850NM) LED - whether you're wanting a night out lamping or a covert night with your Night Vision device, this combination has you covered.

White, IR (850NM) & IR (940NM)

NEW for 2020, requested by popular demand.

The Night Master Trident White, IR (850NM) & IR (940NM) features a very powerful White LED, alongside our ultra-clear IR (850NM) LED and now an option to swap to a more covert IR (940NM) LED - this now gives you the option to use your Night Vision device for the longest distance possible or for a balance of more covertness plus enhanced image compared to a built-in IR (fantastic for more 'spook-able' quarry, such as wild boar).

Why choose the Trident?

The Trident boasts many useful features; not only 3 switchable LEDs, a dynamic rotary dimmer switch and easily focusable head, it also has a quiet on/off switch, low-battery indicator, beam lock-out function (to prevent accidental activation), and an ‘Active Light Indicator’ on the tail-cap to indicate when the beam is on – perfect for use with the infrared (IR) LED, as a reminder to switch off when not in use.

Night Master Trident with Intelligent Dimmer Switch

The quiet Intelligent Dimmer Switch featured on the Night Master Trident has a number of functions; turns the light on/off, dims/brightness the beam, provides a lock-out function and an indicator tells you when the light is active (useful when using the IR) as well as a low battery indicator, to let you know when you need to swap or charge your battery.

Where and when can I get mine?

The NEW batch of Night Master Trident's are now available to order online, over the phone by calling us on 01535 610066 or sending us an email on - they're in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

Don't forget, you can support your local shop by visiting our Night Master Dealer Map - can't find your local dealer? Ask them to get in touch and we can look at making them a Night Master stockist.