Mike Powell reviews the PVS-14C Night Vision Monocular - Night Master

With the demand of our popular GSCI PVS-14C Night Vision Monoculars increasing, we sent one of these incredible add-on units down to our good friend Mike Powell to see what he thought.

Since those early days, things in the night vision arena have undergone pretty radical changes and thermal and digital equipment has moved on in leaps and bounds. Tony Jones of Night Master fame has been involved with the Canadian rm of GSCI for some time now and is now the UK importer of their products.

The PVS-14C is a lightweight and compact unit that is very easy to attach to the rear of a conventional day scope by a simple clamp that is also easy to use in the dark.

I liked the compact size and the light weight, but above all I liked its ability to give a really good picture either through the scope or when used as a spotter. It’s always had an excellent reputation and now with the back-up Night Master offers I’m sure it has an excellent future.

Mike Powell reviews the PVS-14C Night Vision Monocular by GSCI | Night Master


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